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Jocelynn Hall Clark - Artist

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Planar Sea

What happens when a fish from a 2D world accidentally falls through a portal to another universe?
Join this friendly fish on an adventure that spans the multiverse as he explores and fights to find his way back home.
Stay tuned for the demo!

Her Story

A quiet house, a locked room, and a list of chores that need to be complete before 5 pm. Though this might seem like another boring day, there are secrets to be found and questions to be answered. What is up with all the cryptic e-mails? Why is that room locked? What makes this woman's story so special?
Updates coming soon


Duplicity Project

Many people tend to see the world in a very black or white manner, but often both contradictory elements can and do reside in the same person at any given time. In this eight image self portrait series, I explore some of these many contradictory sides of the human experience through interaction with myself and my environment.
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